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 Text: Is.2:1-5

“The Power of Light”


According to physical science light compared to darkness travels in a very high speed, 299 792 km/sec, which equals going around the earth 7.5 times in one second. Light is exactly the first thing according to the creation narrative that God pronounced into existence before creating the rest of what we see around us including ourselves as human beings.


Jesus also refers to himself as the Light of the World in Jn. 8:12 and this proves how light’s power can transform a dark situation into visibility. Darkness brings with it confusion, fear and animosity but when light is introduced it definitely dispels darkness within seconds!


When God talks about light He actually means life that is constituted by what is good and right which are His attributes. Where God’s light prevails, peace, love, joy, goodness, mercy and grace prevails. People enjoy life by living side by side irrespective of their different race, ethnicity, culture or creed because they are governed by the attributes of God.


As followers of Christ, we are therefore called to emulate Jesus’ life while He lived on earth as a human being. Those who are fighting against each other should reconcile and build new healthy and vibrant relationships. Those who are privileged should share with the less privileged.

  • We as God’s people need to be taught God’s ways
  • The world needs God as a Reconciling Mediator
  • God and only Him through His Light will bring the lasting peace first in the hearts of His people and into the rest of the world.